Levuka Lovers

Since we opened for business in 2002, we have met many wonderful people from all over the world.

Just some of many donations…..

Everyone has been touched by their Levuka “experience”. Some have continued their association through support for the community in one way or another – from equipment for the hospital to books and stationery for schools, to paying school fees, to clothing for kids, and many other things.

We would like to acknowledge these people and thank them once again for their support:

Michael & Cathy – Australia
Haydn, Anna, Lani & Damon – Australia
Don & Paula – Australia
Brian & Val – Australia
Pat – England
Monika & Chris – Australia

…that help improve the quality of life here

Rob & Tracey – USA
Dr. Johnny – England
Ina – Australia
Steve & Judy – USA
Kerry & John – Australia
Shaz & Gerry – Australia
Hansjoerg & Simone – Australia
Deb & Dave – NZ
Forrest & Rebecca – USA
Chris & Margaret – Australia
Birgit & Martin – Germany
Andy – NZ
Ronda, Geoff & Bridge – Australia
Min & Wayne – Australia

We would also like to acknowledge the following companies who have in some way contributed to helping the “Lovers”:

Air Pacific
Air New Zealand
Think Pacific
Captain Cook Cruises
Patterson Brothers Shipping