Transport Options

If you arrive in Nadi, then the first step is to get to Suva.

Options are:

– a Sunbeam or Pacific bus direct from Nadi Airport to Suva. The cost is approximately F$30.00.

– fly with Fiji Link, the domestic subsidiary of Fiji Airways. Booking and information are available on their website (

– we can also arrange a taxi. Cost is approximately F$250.00..

Once you are in Suva, next stop is Levuka.

Goundar Shipping is currently having mechanical issues with two of their ferries, so all Levuka sailings have been cancelled until further notice.

Venu Shipping operates a bus/ferry service between Suva and Levuka with their new ship “St. Mary”. Their ferry schedule is as follows::

1. Suva to Levuka: departs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The bus leaves Suva at 9.00am from the Western Bus Stand opposite the Flea Market: (reporting time is 8.00am). The bus drives direct to Natovi Landing (takes about two hours), then on to the ferry direct to Levuka, arriving at approximately 2.30pm. Tickets from Suva can be purchased from the Ticket Booth located at the Market Carrier stand beside the Bio-security office.

2. Levuka to Suva: departs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The bus loads up in front of Outback Range Limited supermarket in the main street of Levuka at 6.30am (reporting time is 5.30am). The bus drives to the Levuka Wharf (about 5 minutes), on to the ferry and takes about two and a half hours for the scenic trip to Natovi Landing, where it drives off the ferry and takes about two hours to arrive in Suva.

Tickets from Levuka can be purchased from the Outback Range Limited Supermarket in Levuka.

The bus does not pick from Nausori (Suva) Airport airport but can stop at the Nausori town end, opposite the FNPF Nausori office at around 11.30am. Arrangements can be made by contacting Venu Shipping – phone them at +679 3395000 or e-mail at Cost for one person is approximately F$25.00 each way.