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Homestay staff
Matilda and Vika

The success of any business relies very much on the people who work there.

All of our guests comment on the cleanliness of our home, the beautiful flower arrangements and the attention to detail.

For these qualities, we have Matilda and Vika to thank. They are responsible for the housekeeping here and treat our home as their own.

We are very fortunate to have three wonderful people who work with us and make your “home away from home” experience one to remember.

They are always smiling and look forward to chatting with our guests as part of their daily routine.




One of the features of our home is our beautiful garden.

The person responsible for this is Nox. He continues to introduce new and colorful plants into “his” garden and is only too happy to talk about it with our guests. It’s like walking through a tropical paradise.

Nox is also available for various walking tours and hikes.






Shops along Beachstreet

If you want duty-free shopping – sorry, we can’t help. Shopping in Levuka is more an experience not to be missed. Our shops cater mainly for the local people of Ovalau and the neighboring islands. But you can still buy souvenirs, post cards, T-shirts, caps, sulus, watches, etc. There is no hassle when you enter any of the shops – it becomes more of a social event, an excuse to meet people and make new friends.


Postal services in Fiji are very efficient and relatively cheap. If you make any large purchases here, why not mail them home, rather than worry about carrying them with you on your travels?

A complimentary wi-fi service is available at our home. Internet services are also available in town, so you can keep in touch with family and friends back home.


Levuka is a port of entry into Fiji and clearance for yachts and boats is easily arranged during normal working hours – call ahead if entering harbour after normal hours. Bunkering, watering facilities and ships’ supplies are available. Our Customs House is located alongside the main wharf and is the oldest Customs building in Fiji.

Levuka Hospital


There are no private doctor’s practices in Levuka. The Levuka Hospital Outpatient Department provides casual and emergency services. There is no optician service, but basic dentistry is available. Serious emergency cases are transferred to Suva by helicopter, if necessary. Some pharmaceutical products are available at the hospital and from stores in town.


Levuka has a number of churches, including Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, Assemblies of God, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, Jehova’s Witness, Hindu and Muslim. Visitors are always welcome at church services.


There is someone here 24 hours a day to ensure your stay with us is comfortable, relaxing and stress-free